Are You Too Old for Success?

“I definitely missed it.”

At the time of this writing, I am forty-four years old. One of the biggest ‘excuses’ I’ve had to deal with is age.

I don’t even know how many times, I’ve have had to wrestle with the loud persistent voices in my head assailing me with an onslaught of remorse, regret, and overall sense that …I have missed my prime time in life.

I have literally felt the heavy oppressive weight of hopelessness ….that there is no hope for me to really do all that is my heart.

I look at others who seem to have *all the stuff* and *do all the fun*.

I compare myself with others my age. Believe me when I say it’s easy to slip into depression when that happens. That is a Big Mistake.

Comparing yourself to others is a deliciously bitter and painful recipe for disaster and unhappiness.

Can you Name 10 people who started a business at the age of 50. Jay Bryan Sandifer.
Can you Name 10 people who started a business at the age of 50. Jay Bryan Sandifer.

What about other people?

However, when I read the short snippets about the following people and their stories I sense the faith for my dreams stirring deep within. I sense that vision, dream, and longing beginning to bubble for my attention. My hope begins to rise like the dawning of a new and my mind begins to experience the optimistic warmth and smile of potential opportunities.

What is impossible with man, now seems possible with God. The language of my heart turns its course away from “I can’t” towards “I can”.

Check out a few examples:

  • Charles Flint was believed to be around 61 when he started IBM
  • Kawasaki Shozo was believed to be around 59 when he officially Started Kawasaki
  • Raymond Crock was believed to be around 52 when he started McDonald’s
  • Harland Sanders was believed to be around 62 when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was after his over 1,000th rejected solicitation with his famous recipe
  • Julia Child was believed to be around 51 when she wrote her first cookbook
  • Sam Walton was believed to be around 44 when he started Wal-Mart. In 2015, according to Wikipedia, Wal-Mart was the second largest employer in the US  for employing 1.5 people….(and over 2.3 million worldwide). That is a giant. Can you imagine have 2.3 million employees….but wait, we can’t forget. Not officially starting until you are 44 years of age?
  • Henry Ford was believed to be around 45 when he founded Ford Motor Company
  • Momofuku Ando was believed to be around 48 when he discovered the Ramen Noodle.
  • Jack Cover was believed to be around 50 when he invented the Tazer Gun
  • Laura Ingles Wilder was believed to be around 65 when she wrote her first book of the “Little House” series.
  • Benjamin Franklin was believed to be around 76 when he invented the bifocals
  • …and there are much, much more

Joshua was believed to be around 60 when he took over the Nation of Isreal to lead them into their Promised Land

Are you too old to dream and start over in a new direction with a new vision and passion? The simple answer. NO

no. no. no.

Online business solutions site, the Business Insider states that one in three new business were started by entrepreneurs aged 50 and over.

Check out all these great startups that were born from leaders who were in their thirty’s:

  • Intel
  • Sony
  • Public Storage
  • Macy’s
  • LinkedIn
  • Hitachi
  • Boeing
  • Acer
  • Amazon
  • Nintendo
  • Cisco
  • Xerox
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Hugo Boss
  • Garmin….to name a few.

Are you too old to dream and start over in a new direction with a new vision and passion? The simple answer. NO

Think for a moment about the possibilities: What is it you would have liked to do, but haven’t yet?

Is there anything really holding you back except yourself? Are you the one telling yourself it’s too late? God doesn’t seem to think so, and by history’s example neither do a myriad of others who have proven so.


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