Music Lessons

It is an honor to:

Proficiently instruct students in music applications with both theory, practice and composition. I also deliver an overview of different types of music and lessons including the most significant musical time periods.

Skillfully administer the growth of a music education service and outreach to the community while delivering personalized individual and group music lessons by maintaining a conducive environment.

Arranged lesson schedules while developing knowledge of materials and repertoire for students at different stages of musical development.

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Here are a few thoughts on how I contribute:

Thoughtfully draft age appropriate art and music course curricula for grades K-12, coached instrumental techniques, scales, sight reading and music theory, and gear up students for music examinations.

Successfully demonstrate artistic techniques, deliver lectures to students on topics such as acting techniques, fundamentals of music, and art history, and organized performances and rehearsals.

Spearhead Fine Arts and Creative Departments with the best of knowledge and skills, planned the audio and visual portion of each weekly worship service by following the best acceptable practices.

Direct weekly rehearsals for instrumentalists and vocalists, transcribe, notate, and chord music, and develop worship teams in practical music theory and worship applications.

Compose music for  themes and original mini productions, lead congregational worship with Acoustic Guitar/Piano, and search for relevant worship music and styles.

Worship Artist