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The Lost Art of Pure Worship. James w Goll

This is a 162 page compilation book of six authors who write from their experience as international worship leaders. This means variety in perspective.

In this book The Lost Art of Pure Worship, Chris Dupre, Jeff Deyo, Sean Feucht, Julie Meyer, Rachel Goll Tucker, and James W Goll all share their understandings and ideas of worship.

The book is segmented into three: For the Audience of One, Equal Access to the Throne, and Tips for the journey.

Quotes from Worship Leaders.

I like underlining the ideas I find in books that stick out to me. Do you? Here a few from this book. I have organized them according to worship leader.

Chris Dupre

  • With out David, our conversations about worship would end up using words like blood, sacrifice, knife, dead, wash, splattered, animal…you get the picture.
  • When I am secure in his affection, I do not need to draw my life from others because I already have it in him.
  • When our gifting or calling becomes our title, it is only a short distance  away from having it become our identity.
  • Oxen and carts are for work, not for worship.
  • We need to be lovers of God who happen to play music as opposed to musicians who  happen to be Christians.

James W Goll

  • I take my questions and I worship him with my questions.
  • worship and prayer are not ends in themselves, they lead to the very presence of God.
  • Spiritual principles stand firm always, but we are not worshiping spiritual principles.
  • Gates and doors are closed to shut things out and open to let things in.
  • Today, our access to God is not limited by artifacts and ceremonies.

Julie Meyer

  • Oil is one of the most valuable commodities  in the earth and it is also the most needed substance for worship.
  • We must have oil for the journey of worship.
  • Don’t get offended, get oil.
  • Offense never lets you go, you have to let it go.

Sean Feucht

  • We are called to carry, embody, and release worship everywhere we go.
  • The reviving of the secret place will always lead to the reviving of the public places.
  • The Spirit’s presence is not so fragile that he requires our help through lengthy explanations.

Jeff Deyo

  • Worship is who I am , not just what I sing.
  • …we need to move from ‘practicing what we preach’ to ‘preaching what we practice.
  • God’s musical tastes, however, have very little to do with style.
  • To him, each thing you do on this earth is like a note on a musical staff.
  • God hears things differently. To Him, if the sound has not come from an obedient heart, that sound is not godly.
  • :if we simply turn our energy from the outside of the cup to the inside of the cup – from the part everyone sees to the part nobody sees – He will take care of the part everyone sees, on our behalf.

Rachel Goll Tucker

  • Life is entirely too short to waste it without making an impact on our society.

Orlando House of Prayer

This was the last required book for my services at the Orlando House of Prayer. Each Monday evening from 10 pm to midnight I hosted a live musical devotion which was streamed worldwide.  I lead this two devotion from January 2017 to the end of July 2017. The program required a training on prayer and worship called The Harp and Bowl Training as well as list of recommended and required reading.


The lost Art of Pure Worship


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Following the River by Bob Sorge: Book Review

Following the River

Inspired by the worship leading book Following the River by Bob Sorge
Inspired by the worship leading book Following the River by Bob Sorge

I began leading worship in the church in May 1992. I was 20 years old. It has been quite a journey. I have experienced many exciting things during my journey. I have had many encounters and many dreams and visions too. I remember hearing fun worship songs about The River.

I believe everything starts with a decision. The conception of my personal worship leading journey started with a decision.

Decisions are made from our encounter with circumstance. What happens to us requires a decision from us.

In 1992, I made an intentional decision to read and study truth. 

Today, I still make this very important decision to read about truth, but…enough about me for now, let’s get into this little book by Bob Sorge called Following the River: A Vision for Corporate Worship

  • Total pages: 78
  • Short Chapters
  • Personal Stories & Scriptural Examples

Quotes about Worship

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Bob Sorge’s book Following the River:

  • Rivers don’t follow straight lines
  • It’s not by song list, it’s not by service order, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts
  • Just because you practiced the song, doesn’t mean it’s the right song for Sunday morning
  • Preparation empowers you to deviate from your preparation
  • It’s not a worship service until you find the river
  • When worship’s tapestry is finished, everyone comes away with a clear understanding of what the Spirit is saying to the Church
  • The war is between the old song and the new song
  • In the vast majority of instances, the unthrottled power of worship is tapped and unlocked in the new song
  • The wise worship leader will bring our of his or her storehouse songs new and old

Sea of Glass Worship

My favorite chapter in this book is titled Sea of Glass Worship. This enlightening chapter reveals the incredible and provoking idea that there are no worship leaders leading the worship around The Throne of God.

Referencing Revelation 14:1-2, we can gain a few detailed insights like the following from this little handbook for corporate worship:

On the sea of glass, the great multitude is 100% proactively engaged in worship. There is no need for anyone to exhort them to wake up because a river of fire is flowing into their hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit, causing each member of the Bride of Christ to erupt with extravagant affections for the beloved Bridegroom. On the sea of glass, the great multitude has ownership of the worship. Nothing can extinguish their flame.”  -Bob Sorge

The humor and wit of Bob Sorge are clearly identified:

“And I, John, beheld, and lo, a platform. And on the platform, a microphone, And at the microphone, a leader. And slightly behind the leader were four singers, each with a microphone. And the leader’s microphone was louder than theirs, And lo, I saw a keyboard. And guitars. And a drum set. And speakers. And the sound coming from the platform was so powerful that you couldn’t tell if anyone was singing. “

The Worship in Heaven

One final thought about this great little book…Bob presents a convincing thought about the primary differences between heaven’s worship and our worship today. take a look at his contrast.

“Heaven’s Worship is multitude driven; our worship is platform driven. To be successful, contemporary worship relies heavily upon the role of leaders and musicians to take us from commencement to completion.

When you look at the heavenly scenes of Revelation, you’ll notice there’s one thing curiously absent from heaven’s worship-a worship leader.”

The worshippers of heaven do not need anyone telling them to lift their hands. There is no need for someone to say,  “everyone sing…let me  hear ya say, ‘Praise the Lord’,  or Worship Him now.”

If you click on the image below, you should find a few options available for you to purchase this book if you like.