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Prophetic Worship 02 -What is Worship?

This post focuses on the ‘worship’ part of Prophetic Worship only. You may want to read about the ‘prophetic’ part of prophetic worship also.

What is worship?

Each of us has those few things we really enjoy and value. Simply take a moment and think about what you really like to think about. What thoughts and ideas seem to occupy your time, energy, and attention the most? That, my friends, is about as simple an indication of what or who we worship.

I like to think of worship as a verb. Worship requires action.

At the date of this post, Websters Dictionary defines worship as reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also:  an act of expressing such reverence…

The Hebrew word used for worship is shachah. Shachah means:

  • to depress
  • prostrate (especially reflexive, in homage to royalty or God)
  • bow (self) down
  • crouch
  • fall down (flat)
  • humbly beseech
  • do (make) obeisance
  • do reverence
  • make to stoop
  • worship

I think this ancient Hebrew definition is a more descriptive and powerful a definition of worship that what we see in Webster’s. What do you think?

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that true worship, based on this ancient Hebrew word shachah,  requires some type of surrender and submission. Anytime you bow to anything you might as well say,  “You are better than I am.” -or-  “You are more important than I am.”

Is that what worship is?

Prophetic Worship Dreams

Praise Him by Susanna Katherine. Prophetic Worship Dreams. Jay Bryan Sandifer
Praise Him by Susanna Katherine. Prophetic Worship Dreams. Jay Bryan Sandifer

Again. Another dream about worship. These worship dreams are becoming a regular part of my deep quest for that longing to be enjoyed by God.

The feelings of uncertainty prohibited my confidence to lead. I was there to lead. It took several uncomfortable moments for me to focus as I searched for my purpose to connect and lead those around me. It was as If I was air dropped into the middle of an urgent rescue mission.

The people needed me to lead them, but I was not sure where they were in their relationship worship journey, I was not sure what they were used to.

The dark and cloudy atmosphere I could see with my natural eye was shrouding the direct light and worship energy which was expectant of my contribution, but because I felt new to this particular circumstance, I could not lock in immediately.

My confidence was being hindered by an apprehension that they may not follow me quick enough. I had to quickly [on demand] push through my emotional feeling of inadequacy. and find my strength to lead. I had to lead the way I knew I could only lead. I had to connect with them in a way they trust and respect the gift in me. The gift used by God to bring glory to his Name and expand his Kingdom. His deposit in me was the light for others to follow. The light connected with the light. My spirit connected with their spirit. We became unified in our song.

I woke up singing a melody to these words:

Let’ s shout it out.
Let’s shout it out.
Let’s shout the High Praises of God.

I can’t tell how many times I have woken out of sleep by the sounds of my own song leading. I just can’t help it.

Each dream is different in detail but always includes all the same components:

  • A platform.
  • A new original song.
  • An instrument.
  • A light in the darkness.
  • A large sea of faceless people. People I know are there, but I can’t see them.
  • And most importantly; an awakeningly intense feeling of Gods power and presence.

Have you ever had one of these types of worship dreams?

After having a dream like this…and becoming conscious and awake, I will make a quick voice recording of the song as sung in the dream. I know I have hundreds of song ideas, both lyrically and melodically, most of which have found their way into a recording of sorts….even as far back as ….THE cassette tape.

I would really enjoy hearing your prophetic worship dream.

Please share your prophetic worship dream in the comments below.